Unit Content

Component 1 – Performance and Choreography (60%)

Students must develop and apply the following knowledge, understanding and skills to perform as a soloist and as part of a duo/trio.

Physical Skills  |  Technical Skills  | Expressive Skills | Mental Skills | Safe working practice

Students must learn how to respond creatively to an externally set stimulus, to choreograph their own solo or group dance. It must include a chosen aural setting, be performed in any style or style fusion and communicate their own chosen choreographic intention.
Students must know, understand and be able to apply the following as appropriate to their choreography.

Action content  | Dynamic content  | Spatial content  | Relationship content  | Choreographic processes
| Structuring devices | Choreographic devices  | Aural setting  | Performance environment | Communication of choreographic intent


Component 2 – Written Paper (40%)

Students must be able to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate their own work in performance and choreography plus demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of professional practice in the six set works in the Dance Anthology.
Dance Anthology:
‘A Linha Curva’ Itzik Galili - Rambert Dance Company  | ‘Artificial Things’ Lucy Bennett - Stopgap Dance Company  | ‘Emancipation of Expressionism’ Kendrick H2O Sandy - Boy Blue Entertainment  | ‘Infra’ Wayne McGregor - The Royal Ballet  | ‘Shadows’ Christopher Bruce - Phoenix Dance Theatre  | ‘Within Her Eyes’ James Cousins - James Cousins

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‘Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.’

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‘I get that full body shiver feeling. That’s one of the reasons I love this job so much – you get to have that feeling for a living.’ 

Course details

This course is graded as GCSE 9-1
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Component 1 – Practical (60%)
Marked internally and moderated externally

• Performance 40 marks (30%)  - Set Phrases through a solo performance (approx. 1 minute)  - Duo/Trio performance (3-5 minutes)

• Choreography 40 marks (30%)  - Solo choreography (two to two and half minutes) or group choreography (three to three and half minutes)

Component 2 – Written Paper (40%)  Marked externally

• 80 marks • 1 hour 30 minutes
Questions require both short and long answers and are based on performance, choreography, appreciation, students own practice and the Dance Anthology

Course Skills
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Employablity Skills
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